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As host of the Trademate Sports Betting Podcast, I've been lucky enough to talk to some of the sharpest minds in the industry. From Pro Sports Bettors to Traders for Bookmakers, the knowledge I have gained from talking to these fine people has been eye opening. For sports bettors at any level, I highly recommend listening or watching, there is always something in these conversations to learn!

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Live Q&A with Pro Sports Bettor - Spanky
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Live Q&A with Pro Sports Bettor - Spanky

One of the biggest names in sports betting, Spanky, joins fellow Pro Sports Bettor, Alex Vella, for a live Q&A! Twitter: Podcast: 0:00 Intro 5:00 Fanduel 7:00 Best betting books 8:00 Betting on line differences 9:20 Employee pay structure 11:45 Starting your own sportsbook 14:20 Don Best screen changes 16:00 Modelling betting 19:55 Creating your own odds screen 21:50 Staking and building a bankroll 26:15 Betting exchanges in the US 27:40 Where do you bet? 30:00 Working with Billy Walters & his methods 33:45 Tony Bloom's operation 35:30 Working with syndicates 39:05 Betting one side vs both 39:50 Esports betting 40:50 Favourite sports to bet 43:20 Betting partners accounts 45:10 Whale accounts 47:20 Getting stiffed 50:00 NFL teasers 50:50 Same bet in different accounts? 52:15 Who qualifies as a betting partner? 57:15 Podcast and Betbash 1 WEEK FREE TRIAL OF TRADEMATE TRADEMATE CORE A tool for new and aspiring sports bettors and traders:  TRADEMATE PRO A tool for professional sports bettors and traders: SOCIAL LINKS: Facebook ➠ Twitter ➠ BLOG:  Learn more about how you can improve your betting on our blog ➠
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